About Us
R.W. Cox, Inc. has been in business since 1994.  Our geography extends to all areas of the United States.  Our customers are some of the largest in the Food and Beverage Industry.
Company Organization

R.W. Cox, Inc. is a Texas “C” Corporation.

Our management processes include all typical HR, Finance, and Purchasing/Logistics functions.  Our operational processes include Safety, Weekly Project Progress, and Long Term Scheduling.

Hiring and training programs include recruitment from local community college welding programs and OJT training geared toward applicable project application.  Skill level testing is available at our headquarters shop.

Senior Management

Ronnie Cox

is the Founder, President, and CEO of R.W. Cox, Inc.  With 30 years of industry experience, Mr. Cox continues to actively oversee day-to-day operations within the company.


Steve Mann

has been with R.W. Cox for 16 years and also has 30 years of extensive industry experience.  Currently, Mr. Mann is head of Estimating and Licensing for the company.


Susan Armstrong

has 28 years of industry experience and has been with R.W. Cox for 9 years.  She is the head of HR, Purchasing, and Administration.  Prior to joining R.W. Cox, Ms. Armstrong was employed by Campbell’s Soup.

Outstanding Project Leaders, as assigned with ~20-25 years industry experience.
Quality Plan
R.W. Cox, Inc. welders are AWS certified.  Additionally, project leaders are onsite to visually verify the quality of ongoing work.  Industry standard testing is available as needed by the client and project scope.

ASME Code Stamps “U” and “S” for pressure vessel fabrication and power piping systems.

National Board “NB” and “R” stamps for registry and repair of pressure vessels.
Safety Statistics
R.W. Cox, Inc. safety procedures are held in the highest esteem. We conduct weekly safety meetings at every job site with detailed documentation. We constantly strive to maintain our excellent safety records.
Locations of work performed
States legally qualified to do business:
AZ (in progress), CA, FL, GA, IA, IN, KS, MN, NC, OH, PA, SC, TN, TX, VA, WA

We have the ability to license quickly in other states and we are constantly adding to the states listed above.  Please contact us for the latest information.
Project/work performed by R. W. Cox crews
We normally perform 95% of the work with our own forces.  We are non-union and employee the trades listed below:
  • Welding and Pipefitting including stainless steel, carbon, piping & structural, boilers (Certified as needed) (process, refrigeration, power generation)
  • Millwright (conveyance, packaging, process, refrigeration, power generation equipment)
R. W. Cox has never failed to complete any awarded work or project.  No one associated with R. W. Cox has been a partner or officer of another organization that has failed to complete a construction contract.





R. W. Cox, Inc.  ~•~  1690 SW 19th St.  Paris, TX  75460  ~•~  Phone:  903.739.8088  Fax:  903.739.9607
Email:  info@rwcoxinc.com

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